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GrOup For FuN , ChaTTinG, cOOl LinkS, WallPaPers,RingTonEs and FreE mOBile SofTwaRes!!!

Group Founder: mannu07
Group Type: Public join
Members: 887
Category: Chat Groups > By Topic

Topics (126)

go How was ur day!!!!!! [86] akashtin

go **NAMES GAME** [139] hoyden1
Write here name of any thing.

go Whats ur fvt. FiLm (6) 1piyush1
Please post the film name which touched your heart . . .

go Enjoy in chat (2) abeerkhan
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go Roses for sweet sabaah! [1050] bunyyy
Plz if u feel to give sabaah a rose anytime of d day for watever reason. Dont hesitate keep ya message here. We wil deliver her d roses of ya choice with ya sweet message.

go **INTRODUCTION** [272] palki16
~ErE U all gonNa givE uR inTroduction.....plz~

go MOBILE number (13) khushabu
ADD your mobile number to this topic if u really want friends u'll definitely get by this idea to share n for care.

go *x-:TARANUM:-x* [625] hayekhan
Hi. How are you. Make this topic for new user whoever joining ous.Kabhi kisi par shayri likh di to kabhi kisi ko dekh kar tarana likh dia.inlove.gif ya kabhi mujse bat karli. Bus itnahi karna hai.

go searching (6) neha58
i want to explore life,increase knowledge and ability,search usefull sites as i cant go out of house i want to earn online or doing some course online which help me in getting job i m bacholor of comm...

go Friends forever (0) sanithas
Join free chat group Beshalbi

go TimePas* AnTakShari. . [203] mannu07
Hello memberz. . . agar timepass karna hai. . To antakshari iz da best game. . Aur isse apke gano ki knowledge bi increase hogi. . Lol ;) . . . aur aap english song bi post kar sakte hai ;) So apko b...

go online money (4) neha58

go kya sabhi pyar ki ending sad h (0) karan01
share ur thoughts here...apni feelings batao...batado sabko ki aapki nazar me pyar ki ehmiyat kya hai....

go Wots a ur expearience . After (37) don360
Ma dear frnds hug.gif marid nd unmarid both..plz tel me ur felng . .

go politics JOKE (1) harilove
WE know politics can change our mood.what it may joke on politician/politics to make time pass.


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1 dont.stop
2 look your application
3 Mobile messenger.
4 Mobile messenger.
5 butterfly
6 Lovely theme 4 u
7 Voice of Acilin
8 Ucweb6.3
9 I am the best...mwah
10 Who am I jaan?
11 Guess???
12 Afzal.hehe
13 My pic
14 Its me
15 Afzal Azmi


Polls (7)

go Do you think that girls have more sincire love than boys?
go Is it possible 2love an enemy?
go What you thing wap friends are best or real lifes friends ?
go Do u think girls are do all job of boys.
go Do u think girls are do all job of boys.
go who is the best?? girlz? or boy?
go Do u think that girls can drive safely better than boys?